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The land of Highlanders

Handicrafts of Mizoram

A land which is rich in traditional culture,
Endowed with skilled craftsmanship.
Mizoram is a place famous for its weavers and craftsmen,
Recognized for its Puandum handloom and Haiku fabric,
Mizoram is your one stop destination to refresh your ethnic sensibilities.

Puandum Handloom

Handlooms made by them Mizos, which is one of the first handlooms ever made in Mizoram. These authentic fabrics are made from cotton and are mostly handmade. A Puandum can have black, red, yellow and green stripes. Significantly, Puandum is an item which every girl has to carry along with her whenever she gets married. This cloth is even used to cover her husband’s body once he dies.

This traditional hand-woven cloth called ‘Puandum’ is wrapped around the shoulders while performing ‘Khuallam’, one of the famous traditional dances of the Mizos. This piece of fabric is an integral part of the Mizo marriage.

Hnika Fabric

Hnika is a fabric primarily worn during famous festivals. It is one of them finest handlooms of Mizoram, which is basically made out of silk and cotton, items which were mostly hand-woven in them olden days, but nowadays almost all of them are all machine-made.

Hnika fabric originated amongst the Pawi tribe. It is equivalent to the ‘Puanchei’ cloth in the Pawi tribe. They wear it while performing different dances such as Cheraw and Sarlamkai, during them ‘Kut’ festivals.

Bamboo and Cane Crafts

Mizoram is the land of craftsmen and skilled artisans, excelling in different disciplines. Bamboo and Cane Crafts are a primary source of income for the state. Them Mizo’s work day and night, to make their creativity an actual reality, specializing in wicker-work and basketry. Bamboo and Cane have multiple uses in turning out various commercial crafts and items of furniture. Even their houses are built with bamboo walls and thatched roofs. Women have completely taken over the weaving industry, whereas them men have excelled at Cane and bamboo craft. They make beautiful cane hats, weaving the hat out of fine bamboo. Even producing beautifully handcrafted baskets.

The traditionally handcrafted Mizo hat is known for its quality. Their domestic baskets are made out of plaited bamboo for these are reinforced by the cane, which is very hard and durable.
Anytime in your life when you get an opportunity to visit this beautiful state in the north-eastern region of India. Make sure you buy one of these beautiful handicraft items and take a selfie of your favorite handicraft.

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