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23 May 2021

From The Royal Cemetery, A Hint of Heritage through Pranab Kr Nath

Pranab Kumar Nath
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There are so many cultural heritage sites in angry city, but in Tripura there is one such Cemetery that has remained for a very long time now, extending from the time period of Royals.

To be exact, Tripura is very rich in culture since all kinds of people have lived there from the beginning of time, if we are to start from the British Raj. It is often said that the history of India started to take a different shape. However, surviving even that time periodwere certain kingdoms that have flourished all over the state and ruled prominently with great vigour and enthusiasm.

Since everything has to come to an end, even the Kingdom of Tripura was slowly declining and along with them went the Kings. To respect every individual King and to carry on his story even in the future to be told, they were buried in a particular Royal Cemetery that was built to hold them particularly.

Covered in beautiful engravings and monumental headstones are the graves of these kingdoms, which have still left a surviving heir up till today. Currently in extreme Redstone texture lies the long forgotten history of one Kingdom almost in shambles and covered in overgrowth.Does it not deserve attention enough to be taken care of? Shouldn’t the historical evidence be protected by not just the people of the state, but also by the government officials particularly?

Pranab Kr Nath, a popular artist and actor from North eastern India, native to the state Tripura had once come upon this Cemetery while looking for the perfect location to shoot.On noticing the state in which the Royal grounds have been left in, he realised the amount of cultural damage that was already done by the extreme  deterioration. According to him, it is not just worth historical and Royal significance, but also stands out as a spot in the state which can be a breeding ground of tourists and even historians from all over the country provided that the conditions are maintained. What conditions one might wonder.

Just like important pillars, temples and places related to historical background are protected specifically under the direction of a government body, this Royal Cemetery in Tripura should also be brought under such circumstances so that this Cemetery can not only be cleaned but also remodeled in order to pay tribute to all those Royals who served them. Expressing his grievances, Pranab Kr Nath realised the necessity of preserving such locations. With a much more rich background and brimming with culture is this Raj Cemetery.Hopes of refining this area are pretty high. 

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