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6 Oct 2021

The teacher is the backbone of the society: Subir Dutta proved it again

By Discover Tripura Correspondent
Agartala: June 10: In the Corona epidemic, many people in the society have fulfilled their social responsibilities in various ways. They have left an impression of their liberal mentality in the society. Some may have distribute the relief, some may have done the funeral of corona patient, some may have give the food to the street animals starving due to the lock down.

One such example was set by Subir Dutta, of Bishalgarh West Lakshibil area and a teacher at the local Nari Mangal School. Subir  Dutta proved once again that teachers are not limited to teaching students. Corona epidemic has stopped teaching in state schools across the country.

But Subir Babu does not want to take remuneration without hard work. That is why he has been providing services to all the patients and health workers of Bishalgarh Sub-Divisional Hospital for the last 10 days in his own car.

He also said that he wants to provide services to the patients suffering from corona after wearing PPE kit and he wants to keep himself engaged with the help of Bishalgarh residents 24 hours a day. "The teacher is the backbone of the society" and the success of the teacher is to be able to educate the society through his own work. This is what the teacher of this society like Subir Dutta has proved through his work.
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