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20 Jul 2021

Where is my Job: Leftist Youth Organisation

By Discover Tripura Correspondent
Agartala: July 20: Unemployed youths in the state are in dire straits during the BJP and IPFT coalition government. Even after 70 years of independence, the state is still at the top of the country in terms of unemployment. The government is not keeping its promise to fill the vacancies, so the leftist youth organizations have decided to reach out to the youth with the role of the present government. DYFI state secretary Nabarun Deb said this at a press conference at Chhatra Yub Bhaban on Tuesday.

Nabarun said no TET examination has been held in the state in the last two years. The state government is not taking the government job test on the pretext of Corona situation. But the government is electing Kumbh Mela, an autonomous district council. As a result, vacancies in teachers and non-teaching posts are increasing. The infrastructure in government offices has completely collapsed, he claimed.

In three years, 12,336 teachers and non-teachers have retired from the state. Besides, 10,323 teachers have been sacked. But the government has filled 3,000 vacancies in these three years. And these have been appointed as teachers through TET examination. At present there are a total of 23,159 vacancies, he further said.

Nabarun accused that the government is not taking any decision to fill the vacancies. On the contrary, the Chief Minister and the Education Minister of the state are creating confusion among the unemployed youth. Even this government is filling the exchequer by accepting crores of rupees of government daft in the name of filling up job forms. The next time that job interview is canceled. During the previous government, a total of 16,000 vacancies were created for teachers and non-teachers and they were interviewed.

The next time the coalition government was established, all those interviews were canceled in the name of new recruitment policy. Demanding to fill all the vacancies in the state, from July 22, DYFI and TYF will call on the unemployed youth of the state to come forward through each unit named “Where is my job”.  Nabarun Deb said that leftist youth organizations DYFI and TYF would take to the streets from August 8 to 12 to demand a six-point demand against the government. The struggle of the leftist youth organizations for employment will continue. Demands will be made either to change the policy or to change the government.

Meanwhile, DYFI state president Palash Bhowmik said the government's promise before the 2018 elections was not being kept at present. At present there are more than 60 lakh vacancies in the country. Even two crore people in the country have already lost their jobs. That is why the leftist youth organization has decided to take the field, he said.
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