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20 Jul 2021

Results will be released to regulars by July 31

By Discover Tripura Correspondent
Agartala: July 20: On July 2, a notification was issued by the Board of Secondary Education. The Board of Secondary Education has issued this notification on how to give marks to regular candidates of secondary and higher secondary. It said that their regular, external, compartmental examinations will be taken between August 10 and September 20. But the situation in the state is not normal yet. Therefore, in consultation with the Department of Education, the Board of Secondary Education becomes the subject of expert committees, they offer to cancel all the examination.

In this case, the method of giving the number is fixed. In the case of those who have continued in the medium, i.e. those who have passed the examination once or twice but failed to pass, the marks of the remaining two subjects will be given by averaging the marks of the three subjects passed. Later, those who did not take the test except for one subject will have to take the test again. In case of continuation of higher secondary, the maximum number of subjects will be given in the remaining subjects. But the one who enrolled but gave the test will have to sit for the test again. Those who have taken the test in two subjects will be given marks on the basis of this term.

Dr. Bhabatosh Saha, President of the Board of Secondary Education informed about this decision. He further said that External has been asked to sit for the pre-board examination. Numbers will be given on that basis. It has been seen that 6619 candidates will benefit in the secondary and 2866 candidates in the higher secondary. A total of 9445 results will be given on the basis of this formula. Tests will be taken for those who are not satisfied after that. He made this clear. Efforts are being made to publish the results of secondary and higher secondary. The results will be released to the regulars by July 31. The rest will be in the middle of August, said the president of the Board of Secondary Education. Bhabatosh Saha.
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