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21 Jul 2021

EID celebrated in state

By Discover Tripura Correspondent
Agartala: July 21: The holy Eid-ul-Azha is celebrated all over the country in the glory of sacrifice. Eid prayers were held at Gedu Mia Mosque (Shivnagar) Eidga ground in Agartala on the occasion of Holy Eid-ul- Azha.

Prayers have been held according to the Corona rules. A few Muslims took part in the prayers, following social distances. Maulana Abdur Rahman performed the prayers. Apart from wishing for peace, a special prayer was offered in the court of Allah for liberation from Corona. People were not seen to come out spontaneously after wearing new clothes on Eid. After performing the prayers, Maulana Abdur Rahman highlighted the greatness of Eid. He said both the Arabic words azha and korban mean sacrifice. The custom of sacrifice as a symbol of the selflessness and incomparable ideals of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS), the father of the Muslim nation. On this Eid day, the people of the Muslim community sacrifice animals according to their ability. The mentality of abandonment is created by sacrificing animal meat. It conveys the message of brotherhood.
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