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18 Sep 2021

The patricide of Tuithampui arrested from Bangalore and brought to Teliamura PS custody

By Discover Tripura Correspondent
Ampi, Sept 18:  Teliamura police arrested the accused son from Bangalore and brought him to Teliamura police station on Thursday night. According to reports, the wife of a man named Jaharlal Jamatia from Tuithampui area under Teliamura police station came to Teliamura police station a few days ago and informed that her husband has been missing from his house since August 18. At the same time, her son Sukh Sadhan Jamatia is also missing. After the woman lodged a verbal complaint with the Teliamura police station, the police of Teliamura police station took a kidnapping case and started investigation. Whose case number is 106. The arrow of the accusation is towards the son Sukh Sadhan Jamatia. The police searched the house in Tui thampui and found blood stains in several places. Teliamura police later recovered a skeletal body from a forest in the area a few days ago. The initial guess of the family and the police is that the body of this skeleton is must be of Jawaharlal Jamatia. However, so far nothing can be said until the original report of the DNA test comes out. Police based on mobile networking - A team of Teliamura police arrested Sukh Sadhan Jamatia on September 14 from a place in Bangalore with the help of Bangalore police. The case was later settled in the local court. He was later airlifted to Tripura's Teliamura police station on September 16 on a local court order. Teliamura Police Station OC Narugopal Deb said that the accused's son Sukh Sadhan Jamatia will be arraigned in court on Friday. On the other hand, accused son Sukh Sadhan Jamatia is confessing to the murder of his fa­ther Jaharlal Jamatia in front of the media. He said that his father Jawaharlal Jamatia used to come home drunkard state and used to beat him often, but when his patience was broken, he hit his father with a stick and made him bloody. And when his death was confirmed, he was taken to the forest next to the house. Then he ran away from home and went to Bangalore. Now, the entre civil society is demanding appropriate punishment for the son accused of killing his father.
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