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Traditional Sports of Tripura

The traditional games of Tripura are called Thwgmung. Other traditional games of Tripura are Achugwi Phan tripura sportsSohlaimung, Bumanikotor, Dwkhwi Sotonmung, Phan Sohlaimung, Kaldong or Kadong, Longoi Chokmung, Muphuk Sagwnang, Musta Seklaio, Ramtan Lairo, Wabao Fan Sailaio, Wasago, Sohlaimmung and Cooking game. These are the locally played sports that the people here indulges in and they are ardent lovers of these sport activities. The traditional games of Tripura is locally known as 'Thwngma'. Briefly discussed are the traditional games below:

Mufuk Saganang

This is a game to test the strength of a man wherein a child is tied to the chest of the man and a rope is tied to its waist. Another player holds the end of the rope and there is pulling between them. The one who successfully pulls the other wins.

Ramtan Lairo

This game again is played to test the ability of an individual. Two bamboo posts are placed on the ground on which two udukhals are kept. Udukhal is a large wooden mortar used for husking grains. Two persons sitting facing each other try to join the udukhals and before that the player needs to pass through it.

Wabao Fan Salaio

This is again a form of wrestling played with the help of a bamboo pole. The two players need to push each other by the pole and cross the given mark of victory.

Musta Seglaio

This is a game to test the strength of the wrist for it involves the hand only. A stake is the object of the game where both players holds it in its grip. One tries to keep it fixed while the other tries to pull it. Clearly the one who succeeds wins.


This is a traditional game of Tripura which is not that popular. It involves running with bamboos. A long bamboo and seven pieces of slit bamboo pieces are required for the game to be played.

Longoi Chokmani

This is a very old game played by the children of Tripura. It is a swinging game where a bamboo is held together by two long ropes which is kept hanging from a tree. Children sit on the bamboo seat and swing by pushing it forward.


Another game for the Tripuri children, Kaldang is a game where two bamboos are taken which are joined together by small pieces of bamboo where the children can put their feet and climb past the bamboo.

Cooking game

It is a game played by not only the Tripuri children but all the other children too. It is a pretended cooking game where leaves, stones, sand, root, mud, etc. are taken and then used as food. They pretend to cook the food and then serve them as well.


Solaimani itself means wrestling. It is form of free hand wrestling which is common in other communities as well.


This is a form of hide and seeks game played by the children of Tripura and a game common amongst the other community as well. It is a collective game played by a group of children.

Dukhwi Sotonma

Dukhwi Sotonma meaning tug of war is played by the children as well as the adult. It is a game where two opponent parties try to pull a rope towards themselves bringing the opposition nearer. The one ho succeeds wins.

Kobong Tisao

This is rather a game of fun. Two men stand back to back interlocking their hands with an attempt tp pick up the other off the ground.

Yangla Baharu

Another game of the children where they sit on ground holding their ankles with hands taking the position of a frog and then race.

Togla Tanlaio

Known as Togla Tanlaio, the game is where the opponents fight each other by pretending to be cocks.


This is another form of wrestling where the opponents fight against each other by kneeling down and pushing against each other like a bull.

Swkwi Thougmani

It is played with a wild creeper called the Swkwi. It can be played between two or more groups. The Tripura children as well as the youth are very fond of this game.


It is another major sport here for it is not only a form of sport but also a major hobby amongst the people of all ages. River Teesta is the main river in Tripura and this is the primary spot for the sport of angling. Fish of various species can be found here and hence hunting for them is indeed a sport of joy for the people.

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