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BREAKING NEWS ANM-MPW workers demand for recruitment          *          10,323 decided to join the workplace          *          On line booking portal for Tripura Tourism launched          *          Mayor inaugurated 10 water tanks          *          Chief Minister visits Amarpur, new building of Health Centre inaugurates          *          Congress held ‘Bharat Chharo’ programme          *          Student Pledge Day observed in the state          *          Youth Tinamool Congress to be held Raj Bhavan campaign on 29th Augst          *          BJP crossed the limit: Sudip          *          Deprived even after 75 years of independence, tribal: Jiten          *          
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Buy a Flag 'Har Ghar Tiranga'
CM's Appeal on 'Har Ghar Tiranga'
ICA Minister's message on HAR GHAR TIRANGAA
Missing woman
Wanted- Binoy Debnath
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Missing Person- Hamjoy Riang
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The worst impact of Deforestation in Tripura
By Discover Tripura Correspondent
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Where there is green environment there is freshness, pleasant breeze, feelings of comfort and the promptness of life. We are human beings, the greatest creature of the almighty God yet not properly
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Chhabimura, an attractive tourist spot in Tripura
By Discover Tripura Correspondent
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Ampi, 20th of August 2020: There are many tourist spots in Tripura and among them Chabimura is the one of them which has a special natural fascination for the visitors. There are a lots of carvings
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State of India's Environment 2020: Tripura Tops in Governance
Abhijit Nath

Agartala: Jun 08. State of India's Environment 2020 reveals Tripura Tops in Governance Index, Needs Focus on Health. A study "State of India's Environment 2020 in figures" released
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করোনা: শুধু ডাক্তারবাবুরা বলুন না
Manas Biswas

March 13, 2020 একেই বলে, অধিক সন্ন্যাসীতে গাজন নষ্ট! অথবা, একে মনসা, তায় ধুনোর গন্ধ! গোটা দুনিয়া করোনা-য় কাবু। যত না সংক্রমণে, তার চেয়েও বেশি "হতে পারে"-র আতঙ্কে। আর এই সুযোগেই উদ্বেগের রামধনু, এই
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27-07-2022 Infrastructure Development of Srikantabari Higher Secondary School at East Pilak Executive Engineer, PWD(R&B) Santirbazar Division, Santirbazar South Tripura Closes @ 3:00 PM on 10.08.2022 19/EE/PWD(R&B)/STB/2022-23 dated: 20-07-2022
25-07-2022 DNIT No.19/CE/PWD(R&B)/SE (P&DU)/2022-23 Executive Engineer, Belonia Division, PWD(R&B), Belonia, South Tripura Closes @ 3.00 PM on 18.08.2022 PNIeT NO: 13/EE(PWD)/BLN/2022-23 dated, 18.07.2022
20-07-2022 DNIeTNo: CE(Buildings)/PWD/DNIT/ACE/Project Unit/34/2022-23 Executive Engineer, Kailashahar Division, PWD (R&B), Kailashahar, Unakoti District, Tripura @ 3.00 P.M. on 06.08.2022 18/EE/KLSD/2022-23 Dated 16.07.2022
15-07-2022 percentage rate e-tender for various works. Details inside. Executive Engineer, Kailashahar Division, PWD (R&B), Kailashahar, Unakoti District, Tripura Closes @ 3.00 PM on 27.07.2022 15/EE/KLSD/2022-23 dated 06.07.2022
09-08-2022 Strengthening of road from Aralia Mahashakti road (Monar shop) to The Executive Engineer, PWD(R&B),Agartala Division No.V, West Tripura Closes @ 3:00 pm on 25.08.2022 PNIT No.: 10/R/EE-V/AGT/PWD(R&B)/22-23, Dated 05.08.2022
07-08-2022 DNIT No. CE(Buildings)/PWD/DNIT/ACE/Project Unit/61/2021-22 (4th Call) Executive Engineer, Agartala Division No.III, PWD(R&B), Agartala, Tripura West Closes @ 3:00 pm on 20.08.2022 09/EE/Divn.III/PWD(R&B)/2022-23
01-08-2022 DNIT 1) 13/DNIT/SE-V/AMB/2022-23, 2) 14/DNIT/SE-V/AMB/2022-23, 3) DNIT 15/EE/PWD(R & B)/AMB/2022-23 The Executive Engineer, Ambassa Division, PWD (R & 8) Ambassa, Dhalai District Closes @ 3:00 pm on 12.08.2022 PNIeT NO: 11/EE/PWD(R&B)/AMB/2022-23 dated, 19.07.2022