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BREAKING NEWS CITU sought the intervention of the Chief Minister          *          The 75th anniversary celebration committee expressed concern          *          Illegal narcotics seized with Rs 56 lakhs          *          The minister asked the clubs to play their proper role          *          Success in anti-drug operation in two police stations in the north: Four arrested!!          *          Yuva Morcha organizes blood donation camp          *          Meeting held on Biju fair          *          Three Rohingya detained          *          The opposition candidate for the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly is Gopal Chandra Roy          *          Chief Minister Healthy Childhood Healthy Adolescence Campaign – 4.0 District wise launch          *          
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People of Tripura welcome Hon'ble Prime Minister
Swear in Ceremony on 8th March 2023
মন্ত্রীসভার শপথ গ্রহন সমারোহে স্বাগত মাননীয় প্রধানমন্ত্রী মহোদয়
Appeal by CEO, Tripura to maintain peace in Post Counting Period
Appeal to Voters for Polling Day
Tripura Assembly Election 2023 Help Line Numbers & Appeal
Casting of Postal Ballot for 7-Ramnagar Assembly Constituency
Main Bharat Hoon, Hum Bharat Ke Matdata Hain: ECI Song
Appointment of General Observer for 12-Takarjala (ST) AC and 17-Golaghati (ST) AC
Tripura General Election-2023
ত্রিপুরা সাধারন নির্বাচন-2023
খেলো ত্রিপুরা সুস্থ ত্রিপুরা
PM's visit: Tripura marching towards All-round Development
শুভ উদ্বোধন-ত্রিপুরা ফিল্ম এন্ড টেলিভিশন ইনস্টিটিউট
Grand opening of Tripura Film & Television Institute
বদলেছে দিন বদলেছে হাওয়া - প্রতি ঘরে সুশাসন
শোনেন শোনেন মা বোনেরা - প্রতি ঘরে সুশাসন
প্যান কার্ড, আধার কার্ড - প্রতি ঘরে সুশাসন
Diwali Wish 2022
মহিলাদের উন্নতি
জেলায় জেলায় মেলা হবে
NSKP 2.0 (Bengali)
কাকা কাকী: প্রতি ঘরে সুশাসন
হবে নিশ্চয় প্রতি ঘরে সুশাসন
Virtual inauguration of MLA Hostel
মায়ের গমনঃ Route Map
Durga Puja 2022 Wish, ICA
নতুন ভোর - প্রতি ঘরে সুশাসন
গ্রাম শহরের - প্রতি ঘরে সুশাসন
গলি গলি - প্রতি ঘরে সুশাসন
Job Fair
Deadbody of a female
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The worst impact of Deforestation in Tripura
By Discover Tripura Correspondent
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Where there is green environment there is freshness, pleasant breeze, feelings of comfort and the promptness of life. We are human beings, the greatest creature of the almighty God yet not properly
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Chhabimura, an attractive tourist spot in Tripura
By Discover Tripura Correspondent
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Ampi, 20th of August 2020: There are many tourist spots in Tripura and among them Chabimura is the one of them which has a special natural fascination for the visitors. There are a lots of carvings
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State of India's Environment 2020: Tripura Tops in Governance
Abhijit Nath

Agartala: Jun 08. State of India's Environment 2020 reveals Tripura Tops in Governance Index, Needs Focus on Health. A study "State of India's Environment 2020 in figures" released
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করোনা: শুধু ডাক্তারবাবুরা বলুন না
Manas Biswas

March 13, 2020 একেই বলে, অধিক সন্ন্যাসীতে গাজন নষ্ট! অথবা, একে মনসা, তায় ধুনোর গন্ধ! গোটা দুনিয়া করোনা-য় কাবু। যত না সংক্রমণে, তার চেয়েও বেশি "হতে পারে"-র আতঙ্কে। আর এই সুযোগেই উদ্বেগের রামধনু, এই
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20-03-2023 Hiring of vehicle for Office of The Superintending Engineer, PMGSY Executive Engineer, PWD(PMGSY) Division, Kumarghat, Unakoti Tripura Closes @ 3:00 pm on 30.03.2023 PNIeT NO: 01/EE/PWD(PMGSY)/KGT/2022-23 dated: 16.03.2023
20-03-2023 DNIeT No: 59/DNIT/SE-V/AMB/2022-23 Executive Engineer, Gonda Twisa Division, PWD (G), Gonda Twisa, Dhalai District Closes @ 1500 Hrs on 31.03.2023 PNIeT NO: 08/EE/PWD (G)/(R&B)/GNT/1022-23 dated: 16.03.2023
19-03-2023 For selection of Vocational Training Provider for implementation of Vocational State Project Director, Samagra Shiksha, Tripura Closes @ 07:00 pm on 27.03.2023 F.1(25-19)-SE/SAMAGRA/VOC/2022 dated 18.03.2023
17-03-2023 Tender for various works Executive Engineer, DWS Division Dharmanagar, North Tripura Closes @ 15.00 Hrs on 27.03.2023 PNIe-T NO: PNle-T No. 43/EE/DWS/DMN/2022-23
13-03-2023 Carrying of Fertilizer/ Seeds/ PPC and other Agri. Inputs etc. Deputy Director of Agriculture, West Tripura District, Agartala
10-03-2023 Construction of 8 (eight) nos Deep Tube Well under NABARD(RIDF-XXVII) Executive Engineer, Water Resource Division No-II, P.N. Complex, Gurkhabasti, Agartala Closes @ 15.00Hrs. on 28.03.2023 PNIT No: 31/EE/WRD-II/2022-2023 Dated 09.03.2023
13-01-2023 DNIe-T No: 32/SE/TJB/2022-23 Executive Engineer, DWS Division, Dharmanagar, North Tripura Closes @ 15.00 Hrs on 01.02.2023 PNIe-T NO: 41/EE/DWS/DMN/2022-23
12-01-2023 Draft NieT No: 05/SE/WRC-II/KGT/2020-21 Executive Engineer, W.R. Division No-VI, Kailashahar, Tripura Closes @ 15.00 Hrs on 31.01.2023 NIT No 23/EE/WRD-VI/e-tender/2022-23 Dated 10.01.2023
08-01-2023 Tender for various works Executive Engineer, DWS Division, Dharmanagar, North Tripura Closes @ 15:00 hours on 27.01.2023 PNIeT No: 38/EE/DWS/DMN/2022-23
07-01-2023 1) Construction of Boundary wall around the Ambedkar college building Executive Engineer, PWD (R&B), Kumarghat Division, Kumarghat, Unakoti Tripura Closes @ 3:00 PM on 13.01.2023 PNIeT No: 36/EE/KD/2022-23 dated 07.01.2023
05-01-2023 Re-Short Notice Inviting Quotation (SNIQ) are invited for Comprehensive Annual Medical Superintendent, I. G .M. Hospital, Agartala Closes @ 16:00 hrs on 12.01.2023 Re-Short Notice Inviting Quotation
31-12-2022 DNIeT No.: 125/CE/PWD(R&B)/SE (P&DU)/2022-23 Executive Engineer, Bishramganj Division, PWD(R&B), Bishramganj, Sepahijala Tripura Closes @ 1500 hrs. on 01.01.2023 PNIe-T NO: 32/EE-BRG/PWD/2022-23 Dated 26.12.2022
28-12-2022 Mtc. of PWD road from Padmapur Tri-junction to Krishnapur Tri-junction Executive Engineer, PWD (R&B), Dharmanagar Division, Dharmanagar, (N) Tripura Closes @ 15.00 Hours on 05.01.2023 PNIT No.: 33/EE/DD/PWD(R&B)/2022-23 dated 23.12.2022
24-12-2022 Re-short Notice Inviting Quotation for supply of some surgical instrument Medical Superintendent, IGM Hospital, Agartala Closes @ 16:00 hours on 04.01.2023 Re-short Notice Inviting Quotation
24-12-2022 DNIeT No.: CE(Buildings)/PWD/DNIT/ACE/Project Unit/ 90/2022-23 Executive Engineer, Bishalgarh Division, PWD (R&B), Bishalgarh, Sepahijala District, Tripura Closes @ 3:00 PM on 21.01.2023 PNIeT No.: 46/EE-BSLD/PWD(R&B)/2022-23 dated 21.12.2022

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