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BREAKING NEWS Tripura issues alert as Cyclone Migzaum lashed the state          *          Minor commits suicide          *          Congress workers are extremely disappointed with the results in five states.          *          Governor's donation to Armed Forces Flag Day Fund          *          Finance Department distributes Offer to 10 people, Government has taken steps to speed up development work: Finance Minister          *          One arrested in murder case          *          One arrested with gold ornaments          *          Dr. BR Ambedkar's statue Unveil at Assembly premises          *          Civil Defense and Disaster Allied Volunteers have worked tirelessly: Chief Minister          *          Dead body of housewife recovers          *          
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PCM Group Counselling (2nd Round)
Hon'ble CM's message on Har Ghar Tiranga
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Notification for enlistment of ‘Survey Commissioner’
Admission Notification, Diploma Engineering, TTAADC Polytechnic
PMAY(G) Scheme, Kalacherra RD Block
Academic Notice of Result of DEEET 2023
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Praja Foundation
Responsive imageDate: 26th April 2023: Praja Foundation released the 'Urban Governance Provisional Report on Key Findings from North-Eastern States' at Guwahati, Assam. The Pan-India study on Urban Governance was ini
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The worst impact of Deforestation in Tripura
By Discover Tripura Correspondent
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Where there is green environment there is freshness, pleasant breeze, feelings of comfort and the promptness of life. We are human beings, the greatest creature of the almighty God yet not properly
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Chhabimura, an attractive tourist spot in Tripura
By Discover Tripura Correspondent
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Ampi, 20th of August 2020: There are many tourist spots in Tripura and among them Chabimura is the one of them which has a special natural fascination for the visitors. There are a lots of carvings
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State of India's Environment 2020: Tripura Tops in Governance
Abhijit Nath

Agartala: Jun 08. State of India's Environment 2020 reveals Tripura Tops in Governance Index, Needs Focus on Health. A study "State of India's Environment 2020 in figures" released
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06-12-2023 Renovation of Administrative block of Govt. Press, GA(P&S), Govt, of The Executive Engineer, Agartala Division No.V, PWD(R&B), Agartala, Tripura West Closes @ 3:00 pm on 11.12.2023 PNIT No.: 29/EE-V/AGT/PWD(R&B)/23-24 Dated 21.11.2023
05-12-2023 Rate Contract for supply of Normal Vaginal Delivery Kit (NVD Medical Superintendent & Head of Department, A.G.M.C & G.B.P. Hospital, Agartala Closes @ 5:00 pm on 23.12.2023 Nil
04-12-2023 i) DNIeT No. 57/EE/WRD-VII/PTL/2023-24, ii) DNIeT No. 59/EE/WRD-VII/PTL/2023-24, iii) DNIeT Executive Engineer, Water Resource Division No-VII, Pecharthal, Unakoti District, Tripura Closes @ 3:00 pm on 18.12.2023 PNIeT: 09/PNIeT/EE/WRD-VII/PTL/2023-24, Dt. 27.11.2023
28-11-2023 90/NIT/SE-III/R/2023-24 Executive Engineer, Amarpur Division, PWD(R&B) Amarpur, Gomati Tripura Closes @ 15:00 Hrs on 18.12.2023 PNIeT: 26/NIT/EE/PWD/AMP/2023-24 Dated: 21.11.2023
27-11-2023 DNIT No. 57CE/PWD(R&B)/SE(P&DU)/2023-24 Executive Engineer, Mohanpur Division, PWD(R&B), Mohanpur, West Tripura Closes @ 3:00 pm on 20.12.2023 PNIT NO.: 49/EE/MNP/PWD(R&B)/2023 Date 21.11.2023
24-11-2023 For various works Executive Engineer, DWS Division Ambassa, Dhalai District, Tripura Closes on 13.12.2023 PNIeT No.: 44/EE/PWD(DWS)/AMB/2023-24
21-11-2023 For various works Executive Engineer, DWS Division-II, Agartala, West Tripura Closes @ 15:00 Hrs on 11.12.2023 PNIeT: 17/EE/DWS/AGT-11/2023-24 Dated- 18.11.2023
14-11-2023 1) Construction of 17 Nos different capacities Package Type IRP Executive Engineer, DWS Division, Sabroom, South Tripura District Closes @ 3:00 PM on 27.11.2023 PNIe-T No: 15/EE/DWS/DIVN/SBM/2023-24
08-11-2023 For various works Executive Engineer, DWS Division Ambassa, Dhalai District, Tripura Closes on 22.11.2023 PNIeT NO: 36/EE/PWD(DWS)/AMB/2023-24
03-11-2023 Drilling & Development of 18 Nos. DTW with Contractor’s high Executive Engineer, DWS Division, Belonia, South Tripura District, Tripura Closes @ 3:00 pm on 24.11.2023 PNIe-T No. 21/PNIeT/EE/DWS/BLN/2023-24
01-11-2023 Strengthening of road from Chechua (Ompi) to Nityabazar via Nagrai Executive Engineer, Udaipur Division, PWD(R&B), Gomati, Tripura Closes @ 3:00 pm on 21.11.2023 PNIe-T No. 25/EE/UDP-DIVN/UDP/2023-24, Dated. 20.10.2023
17-10-2023 DNIeT No. 1) 98/R/DNIe-T/SE-IV/PWD( R&B)/2023-24 & 2) 99/R/DNIe-T/SE-IV/PWD(R&B)/2023-24 Executive Engineer, Bishramganj Division, PWD(R&B), Bishramganj Closes @ 15.00 Hrs. on 02.11.2023 PNIeT No. 17/EE-BRG/PWD/2023-24
12-10-2023 For various works Executive Engineer, Kallashahar Division, PWD(R&B), Kallashahar, Unakoti District, Tripura Closes @ 3:00 pm on 03.11.2023 PNIe-T No. 17/EE/KLSD/2023-24 dated 10.10.2023
09-10-2023 For various works Executive Engineer, DWS Division Kanchanpur, North Tripura Closes @ 15.00 Hrs. on 18.10.2023 PNIe-T No. 09/EE/DWS/KCP/2023-24
06-10-2023 ACE/Project Unit /PWD Buildings/Elect/ DNIT/ 09/2023-24 (2nd Call) Executive Engineer, Internal Electrification Division, PWD, Agartala, Tripura Closes @ 3:00 pm on 31.10.2023 PNIe-T No. EE-IED/PWD/AGT/51 dated 05.10.2023

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