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20-6-2022 June
The Trinamool Congress will restore democracy in Tripura
By Discover Tripura Correspondent

Agartala: June 20: The by-election battle will be conduct between BJP and people of Tripura. Therefore, Trinamool Congress general secretary Abhishek Banerjee called on the voters of the four assembly constituencies in the state to exercise their democratic rights by going to the polls on June 23 to straighten the backbone of the dictatorial power BJP in Tripura. He told in a press conference at a private hotel in the capital on Monday that the Trinamool Congress was the only party ready to fight eye to eye with the BJP, the country's biggest force.

But other political parties will not be able to defeat the BJP. There is only the Trinamool Congress who is always ready to fight against the BJP, he claimed. Since the Trinamool Congress has entered Tripura, the Trinamool Congress will remain in Tripura till democracy is restored in Tripura. The current Trinamool Congress is very different from the Trinamool Congress of 2011 and 2016.

The present Trinamool Congress is not afraid to roll its eyes. Today's Trinamool Congress is committed to restoring democracy and developing Tripura. He said the Trinamool Congress wanted the cooperation of the people of the state to restore the way the BJP had tarnished the image of Tripura. He further said that when the Trinamool Congress came to Tripura 10 months ago, the BJP realized that the ground under their feet had shifted. That is why Chief Minister Biplob Kumar Dev has been removed from office. The BJP has resorted to terrorism. If anyone votes for CPIM and Congress in the upcoming by-elections, it will be the biggest mistake. If the CPI (M) and the Congress vote, the fight against the BJP will be worthless. The CPI (M) and the Congress will never again be established on state soil. The people of Tripura have given a chance to the Congress, given a long 25 years to the CPIM. But no one has been able to develop Tripura, he said.

In 2018, the people of the state founded the BJP with many dreams. But the education system, employment, medical system has not improved at all. There are no roads, lack of employment for the unemployed. The state of Tripura has 18 percent unemployment. But in West Bengal unemployment is only 4 percent. There have been many improvements in the medical system and education system. Even though the BJP claims the city of Agartala as a smart city, it only freezes when it rains for an hour. Abhishek said that the government has failed. He also said that the government has brought Rs 245 crore from the center to the state in the name of smart city. But Abhishek wanted an answer to what he has done with that money.

In the context of terrorism, Abhishek Banerjee said that the BJP has defeated the long 25 years of CPIM terrorism. Doctors, police, all sections of the people are under the terror of BJP. No matter how much the BJP terrorizes, the Trinamool Congress is not afraid. According to a source, the state of Tripura is at the forefront of political terrorism in the entire Northeast. And to get out of it, we have to build resistance.

In 2018, the double engine failed to deliver on its promise. Only Joomla bets. That is why Tripura wants to get rid of it, said Abhishek Banerjee. Also present at the press conference were Trinamool Congress spokesperson Kunal Ghosh, state leader Rajiv Banerjee, MP Susmita Dev and state Trinamool Congress president Subal Bhowmik.
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