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Manik attacks Biplab
By Discover Tripura Correspondent

Agartala: Sept 20: “Attacks on women are on the rise in the state. Police are not taking cases, says there is no point in complaining, to settle between yourselves. The government donot take this matter seriously. People are affected, disturbed, embarrassed by them in real life. And if the current government is there, it is not possible to think that these pressing problems will be solved. So the only solution is to remove this government”, Opposition Leader Manik Sarkar said this while addressing the Third Conference of All India Democratic Women's Association West Tripura District Committee at Bhanu Ghosh Smriti Bhavan on Tuesday. He said that the BJP has realized that Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb has destroyed them in four years.

He further said, “People are leaving the party, so BJP has changed the face of the Chief Minister to reach out to the people ahead of the 2023 assembly elections. It is a strategy of BJP. That is, the government has tried to save its own back by blaming the chief minister for all its failures. People are not that stupid though”. Opposition leader Manik Sarkar again said people have understood this strategy of BJP. Besides, on this day, the leader of the opposition party took a dig at the former Chief Minister Biplap Kumar Dev and said that Biplap Kumar Dev proudly said that he will be the Chief Minister till 2047.

But it was seen that he was thrown out of the team within five years. Now Biplab Kumar Dev has been sent away by the team without giving him much time. That is, Haryana has been taken over. Biplab Kumar Deb could not see his own state! And the opposition leader questioned whether the BJP would be able to hide its face by putting him in charge of Haryana, whose own party did not get a place in the state. People of Haryana will question the BJP leaders why Biplab Kumar Dev has been placed on their state and the leaders of the party cannot answer this. Manik Sarkar opined that the change in the situation is going against the ruling party. He also said that Biplab Kumar Dev has stepped down from the post of Chief Minister and tried to become a Rajya Sabha candidate.

The party leadership has understood that he has been nominated for the Rajya Sabha seat to keep him under control. As a result, Biplab Kumar Dev is not getting a chance to stay in the Legislative Assembly. Manik Sarkar said that Biplap Kumar Deb has lost the opportunity to talk about the state. By this the BJP is clearly suffering from internal problems. Therefore, these are not signs of strength, but signs of weakness and fear, he said.

Attacking the Janajati groups in the hills, he said that the power of the IPFT in the hills has now moved to Tipra Matha. The IPFT box is almost empty. No work, no food, no drinking water, no electricity, no teachers in schools, no staffs in hospitals. There is no one to take notice of the helpless condition of the people of the Janajati section. The surprising thing is that there is no movement or demand to create any pressure on the hill Tipra Matha state government. Manik Sarkar opined that, as a result, people are getting frustrated again and people are becoming weak towards the Left Front. He said about the Congress, it was seen that the condition of the Congress was bad during the 2018 elections. Because a large part of the Congress went to the BJP, the BJP was able to form the government. But now a large part is leaving the BJP and going to the Congress. He said that BJP is trying to create terror out of frustration.

Every day crime related to women is increasing in the state. All India Democratic Women's Association leader and former MP Jharna Das Baidya expressed concern about it. He said all parties need to come forward to prevent crime related to women. And he warned that a larger movement would be created in the coming days. On this day, before the start of the conference, the flag was hoisted. Tributes were paid to the martyrs by offering floral tributes. Later, members of the West District Committee of the All India Democratic Women's Association organized a rally in Agartala to demand the protection of women. All India Democratic Women's Association leaders Rama Das, Krishna Rakshit and others were present.
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