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Tension created around the CPIM meeting
By Discover Tripura Correspondent

Agartala: Sept 22: CPI(M)'s meeting in the capital's Hapania became heated. Police and paramilitary forces have been deployed to bring the situation under control. It is known that on Thursday, CPIM marches and road meetings were organized to demand the restoration of democracy and rule of law. The meeting was held in front of the Dukli sub-divisional office. The situation in the area was stagnant since this morning. No permission is given by the police to hold the meeting.

Still, the program started on this day as per the scheduled time in the presence of opposition leader Manik Sarkar. But as soon as the program started, hundreds of BJP workers and supporters started gathering on both sides of the road. The Left Front's program continued amid the tense situation. Police, TSR and paramilitary forces started providing barricade security at CPIM's events. After the meeting, most of the CPM activists were able to return home safely in a police bus, but a few activists fell prey to BJP miscreants. The miscreants allegedly beat them up. Finally, the security measures were increased in the area.

But now the situation is very stagnant. On this day, opposition leader Manik Sarkar strongly criticized the double engine government and said that people are facing huge problems. The government is not keeping its promises. The biggest burning issue is lack of employment. 10,323 had no permanent arrangement. People's safety has been taken away. TSR battalions of the state are being sent abroad.

People are getting infected every day. But the ruling party BJP is not able to terrorize people now like before. People are starting to realize that they have shot themselves in the foot. He said that people do not want this BJP government anymore. He also said that the way the ruling BJP looted votes in the Lok Sabha by-elections, the BJP would be wrong if it thought that it would be able to win the 2023 elections because people are ready to abandon this autocratic and undemocratic government. Shri Sarkar also said that people should not fall into the trap of BJP's incitement. We should proceed with the aim of overthrowing this government. Because if the BJP is not defeated, the existence of people will be endangered, he said.
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