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Mayor announced donation for children of sanitation workers
By Discover Tripura Correspondent

Agartala: Nov 19: As the assembly elections are approaching, the government is becoming more and more delusional. Mayor Deepak Majumdar told a press conference at the conference hall of Agartala Municipal Corporation on Saturday regarding the provision of facilities to the children of cleaning workers of Agartala Municipal Corporation. He said, it has been decided to provide annual education grant to the children of cleaning employees of Agartala Municipal Corporation. All irrespective of caste will benefit. 3,500 will be paid for male and female cleaning workers.

In this case, those who will stay in different hostels will be paid 7 thousand rupees per year. From the first to the second class will get seven thousand. And third to tenth class students will get 8 thousand rupees. All the children of every house will come under this scheme. Through this project, the children of the sanitation workers will be able to participate in education with everyone. They can work for the development of the state in the coming days. The Mayor thanked the State and Central Governments for taking up this project. He also said that the cleaning workers used to work for many days on low wages. The town board accepted their demand.

As a result of the new salary increase, all cleaning workers are getting more than 9 thousand rupees, he said. The Corporation is paying this amount from its own income. So far 1087 people have applied to take advantage of the special scheme. Mayor Deepak Majumdar said that this project has been implemented to improve the quality of life of sanitation workers. The total number of cleaning workers is 2580 people. 500 health cards have been given to sanitation workers. Deputy Mayor Monika Das Dutta, Commissioner Dr. Shailesh Kumar Yadav was also present in the organized press conference.
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