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Business community organizes protest rally against eviction of shops
By Discover Tripura Correspondent

Agartala: Nov 23: There is extreme anger in the business community over the eviction of the Municipal Corporation, the business community protested strongly by shaking the city. It is to be noted that in protest against the eviction of shops in Battala area by the Agartala Municipal Corporation, a protest march was organized in Agartala city along with the market bandh. They complained that Municipal Corporation did not give any advance notice to demolish the shop by running bull dodger in the market. This is the first time after independence that a bull dodger has taken place in Battala Bazar. All shops in Battala market were closed since Wednesday morning.

Many buyers are forced to return to the market empty-handed. Battala Bazaar Traders Association put up festoons in protest of the incident across Battala market. Businessmen say the administration can stop the ban on illegal liquor. But shop vandalism is not acceptable. The market has been closed for 24 hours as a protest against this campaign. Battala market was not in a familiar rhythm that day. There was no crowd. The whole market was empty and silent.

Meanwhile, a protest march was organized in the city on Wednesday morning by the Battala market traders association. The procession starts from Battala Bazar and goes around the city and ends at Battala Bazar. The president of Battala Bazar Traders Association said that shops in Battala Bazar were vandalized with bulldozers in an unethical manner. A mass rally has been called in protest. He lamented the inconvenience caused to the traders and buyers of the state due to the closure of the market on this day. He announced that he would continue the agitation if he did not get an assurance to take a decision by discussing with the Battala refugee market traders' association before carrying out such an operation in the coming days. A large number of people gather in this day's procession.

Talking about the raid, Mayor Deepak Majumder said that liquor was being sold illegally in Battala market for a long time. These were known to the people of the kingdom. These illegal liquor blocks were broken by the Pur Nigam with the help of the Defense Administration. Besides, those who were illegally occupying footpaths and doing business and obstructing traffic by parking have been removed. Jayanagar central area gets waterlogged during monsoon. A drain is required for that. But this work was being disrupted due to some traders occupying the place illegally. The drain will be constructed before the next monsoon. Joynagar residents are happy with this. Everyone is happy except for a few unscrupulous traders. The government and the municipal corporation have taken the right steps.

“After breaking the liquor ban, the opposition leader took their side. They took their side without saying a word against those who are doing the drug business like this. They have nothing else to do with politics. So they took this route”, mayor said this. The Municipal Corporation and Defense Administration will take strict action if the Bazar Samiti does not take initiative to stop such illegal intoxication in the markets. No problem will be solved by calling the Battala market bandh, so called to withdraw the ban. If the market is closed like this, the buyers will leave the market. Businessmen will suffer. Traders in Battala market do not pay any tax. Municipal Corporation continues to provide services even after that. Those who are doing politics for the sake of politics are creating distance. Mayor said that Municipal Corporation is trying to make Battala market run smoothly, members of the business association were present during the raid, they didn't say anything at that time, later a different tone on their faces. Micking was done three days ago. At the same time it has been informed in advance. He also said that no illegal work has been done. He made it clear that the government and the municipal corporation are working transparently. The discussion table is open. But the mayor said that the ban should be withdrawn.

The agitation of the traders' association about the Battala market is continuing. On the other hand, the mayor of Municipal Corporation made it clear that some unscrupulous businessmen are being hit by the campaign against illegal checks. So they took this approach. The opposition is busy playing politics on this. He warned that the Municipal Corporation would take strict action against those who are dealing with such illegal drugs in all the markets. Mayor Deepak Majumder proposed to abandon the path of bandh and sit for discussion.

On this day many buyers come to the market and go back home. But most of the business community is pro-government organizations. This time, many people think that this is a declaration of war against Pur Nigam established by BJP.
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