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Raising the slogan "My vote, my right" democratic parties resorted to Election Commission
By Discover Tripura Correspondent

Agartala: Jan 21: The Left Front, Congress and the People's Party, which indirectly came together on one platform, took out the streets of Agartala on Saturday with the slogan "My vote, my right". The banner in front of the procession was named Secular Democratic Parties. In the last five years, from the experience of being blocked from voting in various elections, including Lok Sabha elections, municipal elections, the opposition has taken the slogan "My vote, my right" as a tool in the upcoming assembly elections.

On this day, they marched from the front of Rabindra Centenary Building and went to provide deputation to the Election Commission, demanding democratic voting rights from the Election Commission. Opposition leader Manik Sarkar, former Chief Minister Sameer Ranjan Barman, Congress MLA Sudip Roy Barman, CPIM State Secretary Jitendra Chowdhury, Left Front Convenor Narayan Kar, Congress observer Dr. Ajay Kumar, All India Congress General Editor Szarita Lightphlang, Pradesh Congress President Birjit Sinha, Congress leader Ashish Kumar Saha, former Pradesh Congress President Gopal Roy and other leaders of Congress, Left Front and People's Party. Opposition leader Manik Sarkar told the media that the delegation of the National Election Commission visited the state on January 11 and 12 and spoke to the political parties and expressed concern about the current situation. The delegation of the commission said there is no environment for elections in Tripura. Later, the delegation of the Election Commission said that they want to conduct a fair and peaceful election.

When the Election Commission is saying these words, it is seen that the opposition party workers are being attacked in various places. Then the leaders of the opposition party decided to go to the election commission with the workers. Because the Election Commission has admitted that there is terrorism in Tripura. Therefore, this time, he said that he is going to the deputation to request the election commission to exercise peaceful and democratic rights free from terrorism. In addition, the leader of the opposition said in view of the recent attack on the Congress procession in Jirania that 32-33 Congress workers were physically attacked that day. The police could not provide security to the Congress workers and supporters there.

On the other hand, in Kamalpur, the worker of Tipra Matha was thrown from the car and killed. Then there was no trace of him for two hours. Later, when he was rescued and taken to the hospital, the doctor on duty declared him dead. Also miscreants are breaking and burning booth offices in Pratapgarh Assembly constituency and other areas. But if this continues, the election cannot be done. The opposition party leader said that it has been decided to go to the Election Commission to change this situation and to hold fair and peaceful elections. He also said that the Election Commission is expected to take an effective role after today's deputation. Besides, he also said that after the incident of Jirania, the Election Commission has tried to give a positive signal about the action taken by the responsible police officers due to the dereliction of duty. But the Election Commission should not stop here.

Active role should be taken by collecting reports from the state on a daily basis focusing on elections. And on February 16, the leader of the opposition party expressed his conviction that he will bring an environment in which everyone can vote easily. Meanwhile, MLA Sudeep Roy Barman expressed anger against the BJP, saying that in all the elections held in the last five years, votes have been looted openly in the state. People did not get the opportunity to exercise their democratic rights. People are demanding the Election Commission to freely exercise their right to vote in the upcoming assembly elections. If the people can exercise the right to vote then the people will get what they want. That is, the government will be final in the judgment of the people. He also said that the pain in the chest of the ruling party has started. Sudip Roy Burman sneered that they were guests for a few more days. CPIM State Secretary Jitendra Chowdhury, who was present at the rally, said that the message of ending the jungle rule in Tripura state has been announced through today's rally. And thousands of people have spontaneously responded through today's march, he said. The people of the state have forced all the democratic and secular parties to unite. Pradesh Congress President Birjit Sinha said this from the rally. He said the march was organized for the right to vote by restoring secularism, restoring democracy and creating an atmosphere of peace. And the demand will be made to the Election Commission so that the election is completed with zero violence. After crossing a long route, the procession ended in front of the West District Office.

Then a delegation of all political parties gave a deputation to Election Commission State Chief Officer Kiran Gitte for him. CPIM State Secretary Jitendra Chaudhary, Pradesh Congress President Birjit Sinha, Congress leader Sudip Roy Barman along with Left Front and People's Party leadership were present. West District Superintendent of Police Shankar Debnath was with the Chief Electoral Officer on this day. It is demanded that the administration take all administrative measures to conduct a fair and peaceful election. After the deputation, Congress leader Sudip Roy Barman said that the Chief Electoral Officer has been told how the BJP can manipulate and informed of the efforts that have begun to turn the upcoming elections into a farce once again. The Chief Electoral Officer assured that all arrangements will be made so that people can vote without fear. Legal action will be taken if any terrorist incident occurs. Apart from this, a demand has been made to the Chief Electoral Officer to take legal action on the incident that took place in Jirania on January 18. The Chief Electoral Officer has assured that the investigation is going on. Meanwhile, after the deputation, CPIM State Secretary Jitendra Chowdhury said that if the administration does not take proper action, then the people will take action to enforce their rights. A meeting was also held. Tens of thousands of activists and supporters participated in the procession carrying the national flag. And most tellingly, the march was attended by a large portion of the 10,323 sacked teachers.
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