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Blood Donation Camp of Blood Bank Authority
By Discover Tripura Correspondent

Agartala March 12: The health workers and doctors working in the blood bank of IGM Hospital have been forced to come forward to solve the blood crisis in IGM Hospital. A blood donation camp was organized at the blood bank of the hospital on the initiative of health workers and doctors working in the blood bank of IGM Hospital on Sunday. Because there is a continuous shortage of blood in the blood bank for the last three months.

Only 5-7 volunteer camps have been held. Families of thalassemia and accident patients have to return empty handed to the hospital. If the donor is brought along, then the settlement is done after blood test. Especially the families of more than 120 thalassemia patients came to the hospital and appealed to the blood bank authorities. But the authorities took this initiative as blood was not available. Former MLA and Chairman of IGM Hospital Patient Welfare Association Dr. Dilip Das was present in the camp. He encouraged blood donors. In an interview, Dr. Dilip Das said that organizing the blood donation camp is a good initiative. The blood donation camp for the election process was disrupted. As a result, there is a blood crisis in the blood banks. Health workers and doctors working in the blood bank of IGM Hospital highlighted the blood crisis on social media and appealed to come forward to donate blood. Responding to that request, 22 blood donors have registered for blood donation today. People from different professions have come forward to donate blood on this day. People are encouraged to donate blood, which is good for the society. He said that it will be possible to eliminate the blood crisis if various clubs and social organizations come forward to donate blood after the election. Due to the acute shortage of blood, the IGM Blood Bank authorities are highly commendable for conducting such blood donation camps. Many blood donors have come forward to the camp after the continuous news in Syandan newspaper and Syandan TV. Such initiative of blood bank authorities and great work of blood donors will save lives of many children.
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