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Bomb blast: injured a class V student
By Discover Tripura Correspondent

Agartala March 15: On March 15, a bomb blast in the abandoned toilet of the old building of Kalsimura Nagar High School, Boxanagar, left an 11-year-old boy named Taifur Rahman, a fifth grade school student, seriously injured. In the details of the incident, on Wednesday at 12 noon, Taifur Rahman Nagar High, son of Muslim Mia of Nagar area of Kalsimura village panchayat. While doing nature work in the abandoned toilet of the old school building, he finds a bag. Later, the boy opens the bag and finds five large bombs.

Then this 11-year-old boy, tempted to see what it was, took the fresh bomb and threw it on the ground, and it exploded with a loud noise. Immediately, his body was injured by the explosion of the bomb in his hand and face. He went to the city school ground with the sound of the bomb explosion and screaming for survival. Hearing his screams, the teachers of Nagar High School rushed to him, as well as the people of the area. He was quickly taken to the Boxanagar Social Health Center by the family members and the doctor on duty referred him to GBP Hospital for first aid treatment. Currently, the bloodied school student is undergoing treatment at GB Hospital. On the other hand, the police of Kalamchoura police station went to the spot and started investigating the incident. There were fresh bombs. Later, the bomb squad came to the site and recovered the fresh bombs by taking them to the deep forest of Boxanagar forest department and defused these fresh bombs. Giyas Uddin, deputy head of the ruling party of Kalsimura village panchayat, alleged that some terrorism of the opposition party was involved in these activities. Before coming, the CPM goons made these homemade bombs to bomb BJP houses. But after the establishment of the BJP government, the CPM goons in Kalsimura area, known as CPM's stronghold, fell into disrepair.

This is why the bombs left the old school building abandoned toilets in the dark of night. The student narrowly escaped. Maybe there could have been a bigger disaster. If all the bombs had exploded together, many students of the school could have been harmed. Now it is to be seen whether the police take action against those who are involved in this incident. Among the CPM cadres of Kalsi Mura village panchayat are Antar Mia, Pita Phul Mia, Russell Mia, father Hanif Mia, Zubair Hossain, Farhad Rana father Kasem Mia, Mohinuddin and Alauddin and many others. It is known that the family of the child who was seriously injured in the bomb blast is against them. A case will be filed in the police station. The family of the child who was injured in the bomb blast on the helpless poor boy was a loyal worker of the ruling party. Many people are thinking that this incident was planned by the CPM cadre forces to lure the poor boy with a lot of money and try to blow up the school building. The police will come out for investigation.
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