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1 arrested for animal cruelty
By Discover Tripura Correspondent

Agartala March 15: A car driver accused of inhumane treatment of animals was arrested after a complaint was lodged at the police station. It may be noted that the scene of dogs being tied to the back of a moving vehicle shocked the people of the state on social media on Tuesday. The news has been published. This thrilling incident was observed in Sabroom in the southern district.

The incident of the animal being roped to the back of a Max vehicle may be rare in the state. TR 03 – 3731 No. Max driver tied a rope to the back of the car and killed a live snake. Animal lovers traveling on the national highway were shocked to see such a tragic scene. Bishal Singh, an animal lover from Sabrum, came across this scene a short way down Joilabari Pilak Road while traveling from Agartala to Sabroom.

Unable to bear the sight of Bishal, Max bravely stops the car and talks to the driver why dog is being taken like this. The driver replied that it was his wish. Then the Max car driver sped up to Kalachara Bazar and suddenly disappeared. As soon as the news spread on social media, the animal lovers filed a case in the police station. The police have arrested one person based on the complaint. The Chief Minister said on social media that the car has been seized by the police. And the police are interrogating the arrested person in this incident. People of Apam are demanding strict punishment of the accused.
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