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Prohibited marijuana worth more than 70 lakh rupees seized
By Discover Tripura Correspondent

Agartala : May 15: The police of Pecharthal police station has again succeeded in the anti-narcotics campaign. Based on a tip-off, police seized 20 packets of ganja after searching the stickered car used by the lawyers. The police official said that 175 kg of dry cannabis has been recovered in 20 packets. But the driver of the car could not be arrested. Police believe that the market value of recovered ganja will be approximately Rs 27 lakhs.

According to the police official, intelligence sources have informed the police station that a car with stickers used by lawyers will be smuggled from Agartala to Assam. According to him, yesterday at 11:00 pm, the police sat down to get it. On the way to Assam, traffic police tried to arrest the vehicle at Kumarghat 91 mile area. Then the vehicle fled at high speed, disobeying the signal of Kumarghat traffic unit workers. But the police of Pecharthal police station chased the car. The vehicle could be intercepted by going to Panchara area, but the driver managed to escape, said the police officer.

He also said that after searching the car, the police raiders found a total of 175 kg of dry cannabis in 20 packets. He said that the market price of ganja will be approximately 27 lakh rupees. Police have started investigation into the incident.
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