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Pratima Bhowmik inaugurates the special train from Agartala to Kolkata
By Discover Tripura Correspondent

Agartala May 17: Another new train was added to the Tripura rail service on Wednesday. More special trains were started from Agartala railway station to Kolkata this morning. Union Minister of State Pratima Bhowmik inaugurated this train service.

She started the service by waving the green flag. Later, while facing the media workers, he thanked the Central Government and said that the Prime Minister of the country and the Union Minister of Railways have launched another special train from Agartala to Kolkata. This will benefit not only the people of Tripura, but the people of the entire North Eastern region. The train has 100% AC. This train has 11 coaches. A total of 880 passengers can travel through the train.

The fare is 10 percent less than other trains. And this special train has many innovative services. The train will leave for Kolkata every Wednesday. If the number of passengers increases, the number of coaches will also be increased. A total of 22 coaches can be kept in this train. He said that this special train is a big achievement for the people of the state on the occasion of the 9th anniversary of the Prime Minister. The Union Minister of State also said that since 2016, the number of long-distance trains in Tripura state has increased. The state of Tripura has been ahead of other states in the country since the Narendra Modi-led government was established in the country. Pratima Bhowmik sought the cooperation of the people of the state to take Tripura further in the future.
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