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Pradyot attacked BJP government
By Discover Tripura Correspondent

Agartala May 23: Many activists want to leave Tipra Matha and join BJP because if they don't go to BJP they will not get regular jobs and jobs. Those in power who are trying to lure workers like this are not the government, they are brokers. Prime Minister Narendra Modi needs to look into this matter. In the last assembly elections, people cast 61 percent votes against BJP.

So can the current government run the state by excluding these 61 percent people? Tipra Motha supremo Pradyot Kishore Deb Barman fired cannon at the present government on Tuesday on social media. He said the main demand of Tipra Motha is Greater Tipraland and constitutional rights. If someone wants to join the ruling party for personal interest, then he can. But till death he will fight for the people's Greater Tipraland and constitutional rights. On this day, Pradyot expressed concern and said that a very bad atmosphere is being created in the state of Tripura. Some politically involved people want to abolish Bobagra, trying to mislead him by saying different things every day. Those conspirators know very well that the nation will not break its grip until Bobagra is over.

They don't know that this is Tipra Matha, not CPIM and Congress fight. And this fight is not a fight to protect the future by making more money in the future like they do. Pradyot said that this fight is a fight to return the rights of the people. On social media, he criticized the government and said that by making samples and showing the museum of Tiprasad, during the election, the Chief Minister from Assam was assured of various facilities and the notification to appoint Union Home Minister Amit Shah interlocutors is being issued. Later it appears that the interlocutors do not come to the state. And various excuses are being made. Pradyuth also opened up about this and said that before the elections, he received various offers including the post of MP. But he said this day that he did not join politics to earn money. Regarding the current situation of ADC, he said, Did not the people choose Tipra Matha in ADC? Delhi is closing the door for rights! But don't beg for it. Pradyot said that he will fight with agitation. Also, regarding the election fight, Deb Barman said that he wanted thirty-one Janjati MLAs to be elected to the Legislative Assembly. Therefore, he did not field a candidate against Jiten Chowdhury in the Sabroom assembly seat in the last assembly election. On social media Pradyot took a hand in the executive meeting of BJP. He said the top leadership is asking Pradyot Kishore Deb Barman not to call Maharaja and Bobagra instead of discussing how to strengthen their organization in the executive meeting of the ruling party. But it is not right to discuss someone's personal matter in this way, he said.

He also said that even though the people's leaders were present in that effective meeting, they did not open their mouths. Strongly condemning such comments, Pradyot said, "How much more disrespect will you do, Bubagra is satisfied with the fact that the people remember it." No one needs to be called Maharaja for that. But there has been a lot of disrespect. The state was desecrated, some exterior parts of the Tripureshwari temple were vandalized, selfie points were installed in front of Ujjayanta Palace, but a Maharaja statue was not installed in front of Ujjayanta Palace and the stables were removed and reviews were sought. And now it is seen that students are being asked to write in Bengali in the CBSE Kakborok exam. It is strongly condemned. Pradyot Kishore Deb Barman on social media tried to attack the ruling party BJP from the beginning to the end.
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