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Notorious Thief Sujit Das Arrested in Dhaka’s Baldakhal Area
By Discover Tripura Correspondent

Agartala: June 09: Police from East Agartala Thana apprehended Sujit Das, a notorious thief, in the Baldakhal area of Dhaka. The arrest followed a complaint filed by Bijay Sarkar, a resident of Chandrapur Baldakhali area. Sarkar reported that he had left his house to visit his in-laws on May 28. Upon returning home on June 6, he discovered a broken window and missing valuables—Rs 25,000 in cash and gold ornaments.

The police conducted an investigation and brought Sujit Das to the police station for questioning. During interrogation, Das confessed to his involvement in the theft. He also implicated another individual. Subsequent inquiries led to the recovery of a gold chain and earrings.

Sujit Das resides in the Ranirbazar Briddhinagar area. Notably, two other theft cases are already registered against him at the police station. Authorities continue their efforts to apprehend the second suspect and recover the remaining stolen goods.
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