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Mother Kills Nine-Year-Old Son in Tragic Incident
By Discover Tripura Correspondent

Agartala: June 10: In a heart-wrenching incident witnessed by residents near Mahaveer Club in the Paschim Jaynagar area, a mother took her son’s life due to her inability to tolerate his troublesome behavior.

Suprava Goala, the mother of the deceased Rajdeep Goala, expressed her frustration with her son’s actions. She revealed that he resisted studying, stole from home, and harassed people in the neighborhood. These challenges led her to quit various jobs, leaving her with daily labor as the sole means of supporting the family. Despite her efforts, she couldn’t rein in her son’s mischief.

On Monday, Suprava Goala’s patience reached its breaking point. Unable to bear her son’s behavior any longer, she strangled him with a rope. The tragic incident unfolded in their home, where the house owner, Sabitri Chowdhury, rushed to the scene upon hearing Suprava’s screams. Sabitri had recently become their tenant.

Local residents gathered at the house after news of the incident spread. The police were alerted and promptly arrested Suprava Goala. Rajdeep’s body was sent to the morgue for post-mortem examination.

While such incidents are not unheard of, the community remains shocked by the tragic outcome of a mother’s desperation.
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